Get Your Warpworld E-book Signed!

Yes, through the wonders of technology you can now get an electronic signature for Warpworld and Wasteland Renegades right from the comfort of your living room, bathroom, or even at work (we won’t tell your boss, don’t worry). Rest assured, our handwriting is just as illegible in this format as it is with pen on paper!

Actually, I think it’s worse.  Have you ever tried signing your name with a mouse?

So if you see this…


That’s the electronic version of “Kristene Perron”. Or “Joshua Simpson”. Possibly both together. Oh, and it may also a contain a mathematical equation that explains the origins of the universe.

But seriously, Josh and I will be happy to sign your ebook and we can even personalize a note just for you. All you have to do is visit us on Authorgraph: Get your e-signatures here

Also, congrats to our recent Goodreads Giveaway winners. Your signed copies are in the mail. Happy reading! For everyone else, we’ll be doing one more giveaway soon, so keep checking back.

Blood for water.


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