Super Duper Quadruple Giveaway!

What’s better than a free book? How about four free books!


Yes, it’s Goodreads giveaway time again. This time we are giving away a copy of each book in the series so far–that’s 4/5ths of the Warpworld Saga up for grabs! All you need to do to enter is warp on over to Goodreads. Here are the links for all four giveaways…

Warpworld (#1)

Wasteland Renegades (#2)

Ghost World (#3)

Final Storm (#4)

Warworld books

Entry is free but we sure hope if you win you’ll rate or review your book for us on Goodreads and/or Amazon! We loooooooooove reviews!!

Oh, and don’t forget that Warpworld Vol. 1 is now perma-free for ebook lovers. You don’t even need to win anything.

Kargin’ awesome, ol?

Blood for water


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