You Are Invited To: A Pity Party!

Date: Right now and for weeks to come

Place: In Kristene and Josh’s brains

Theme: Working on the second draft of the final book of the Warpworld series, which has to be AMAZING and answer a lot of questions and also be entertaining and…oh good gravy, what have we done to ourselves??? *cries*

Dress: Casual. Like, we mean, why even bother getting out of your pajamas since you’re going to be in front of your computer screen all day–that’s how casual.

Food: Whatever can be eaten with no preparation eg. sunflower seeds, last night’s pizza, something you spilled on your shirt two days ago.

Drink: Tears.

In lieu of gifts, the authors ask for your continued patience and pity.

And while you’re waiting for this book to be finished, here’s a cute video of a baby sea otter.


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