The State of the (Warped) World – Field Report

I’ll keep this transmission brief as heightened Storm activity is playing hell with the comms.

Progress report: Wasteland Renegades

Status: Copy editing – complete

We’re on the final read-through before the manuscript goes off to be formatted, typeset, and all those other fun things manuscripts have to do before becoming a real book. Our goal is to have Wasteland Renegades live by Sept. 1st. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you will be the first know when it’s ready.

For those of you who require proof of our effort, or who are just curious about the glamorous behind-the-scenes life of authors, here are the “bones” of the novel-in-progress…

Warpworld manuscript outlines Wasteland Renegades

I like highlighters!











As you can see, I am quite fond of highlighters and organizing things into boxes. (With many thanks to Deborah O’Keefe for her assistance!)

So that’s where we’re at.

We’re also on the last day of the Tribute Books Blog Tour. Many, many thanks to Nicole, of Tribute Books, and all the bloggers who took the time to extrans into our worlds and write about it. We’re honoured and we’ve loved reading your thoughts on Warpworld!

And now I have to get back to the ponds.

But if you want to see my wonderful impersonation of bagpipes, you can always stop by our Facebook page.

Blood for water!

~ Kristene

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